Stackable Openables


Could any items that can be opened like crates, eggs, presents, pumpkins etc be stacked and displayed as one single listing within the inventory.

I also have an idea that could benefit from this.

From that openable’s listing you can access the option to open the item from it’s right-click context menu. What if this opened a small menu where you can select the amount of items you wanted to open. This would be a simple drop down input and a button to enact the opening.

With this drop down it could display a range set by harry (i.e. 10 openables). If the amount in the stack is lower that the range it would only display acceptable inputs based upon that item’s stack amount.

Having a limited range within the drop down could help prevent lag and other related server issues caused by mass unboxing (i.e. @Countdown ).

For trading you could have a simlar accessible menu in the trade section of the user menu. Where you can select any amount that is equal to or lower than the stack quantity.

Did I forget to @Countdown ??


Actually I am surprised that no one thought of that before now. But yeah, having stacked items would be a great idea for many reasons. Lag will be less (maybe) and everything in the Inventory will be organized for searching.


The idea was mentioned both in the forums and on discord many times, Harry just doesn’t do it.


I don’t get on discord so thats my fault for not knowing lol.


This is actually needed desperately.



@meharryp do this



shut up harry only adds shit ideas
(unusual skins)

Bump to make this happen


Been suggested at least 4 times that I’ve seen, pls add @meharryp


and unusual skins? nice


whats an openable


Items in your inventory that you can open. Lootboxes are the obvious example, with the event-exclusive items (presents, eggs, cakes, giant pictures of meharryp) also coming under this.


lol no
even without stacking openables some players lagged and crashed other players games.
with the stacked openables they can open more and faster loot boxes and then hmod will crash.


But it will be limited to a max number that can opened at once e.g 20


then it’s ok for meeeee