Staff Hosted events


I remember going onto servers where staff have SOME responsibilities to host events. I would like to slowly bring this in to maybe bring a lease of life into the server.

1.This is entirely dependant on the STAFF. not the players asking for it. if ONE staff can host it then sure.
2. There SHOULD be a separate announcement page for this so this doesn’t interfere with Harrys GENERAL announcements.
3. Staff will announce WHEN it will happen and HOW long. just so players don’t be for more (Again - look to rule one)

Now that is out the way - lets maybe get some basic ideas before harry grants staff any more shitty powers

Source maps Sunday.
ONLY on SUNDAY for a certain time staff COULD change the maps to other maps outside the main map list and in the source map lists. such as the DE_ maps or the TF2 maps (Mostly CTF or PL). this could add just abit more variety to the game.

Of course this would be announced before starting to give players a chance to prepare and let other players know before you are booted off for not having tf2 (why tho??) And it would be for a limited time to prevent it becoming as stale as all the other maps. give people something to look forward too.

Competitive mode.

Disable Statted guns - back to Vanilla 0 stat guns like in the old games. Gain points for doing well. the rules for this would need to be fleshed out but It idea would be.
1+ For a TERRORIST killing a D.
1- point for RDM

this COULD reward scrap for being actually good at the game. not using OP dumb guns

Random Effects round

“Everyone is drugged!” or “Black and white mode” Or “Free for all!”. Some wacky events to make the game less generic and give diversity.

Idea one is very easy tp implement. Idea 2 and 3 will take some more effort. Feedback welcome.
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i like the idea of the maps, because its just more enjoyable with more diverse map pools


I have one word and one word only :


Nice feedback. maybe care to expand why not?


Okay sure , NO for idea one is based on the fact a lot of source maps have no ammo and are not suitable for the TTT gametype + some people who don’t have TF2 or even cs source won’t be able to play (you can play on the mc server even if you dont have cs source).
NO for the competitive mode idea - in my opinion this idea in particular is absolutely useless , there are DOZENS of vanilla TTT servers , the whole damn point about this server is the neat custom inventory system , if you don’t want that just go play on a normal TTT server that has no addons on.
NO for the third idea - this just sounds like aids and won’t be fun to play with , left alone with the glitches and exploits that will come alongside them. IF you want to play free for all go play COD or something , there’s a lot of other games that have that and even gamemodes in garrysmod.
So to sum it all up :



Oh the opposite side, I think these all sound great to shake up the experience a little.

Unless some people want to just play City/b5 for eternity.


how about instead of making this post happen , make this post happen which then doesn’t ruin the TTT experience MAKE THE MINECRAFT SERVER GREAT ! (again ?) (yes I’m promoting my own post shaddap)
also if you want to shake things up , why not play a different game !?!?!?


What exactly IS the TTT experience on HarrysMod? Is one of the servers having a few hours where there’s some different things going on going to ruin everything? You’re making it sound like it will.

Also some people like the community and want to play with other players of the community. Good luck finding easy ways to get a huge group to go on a different server.


dont you have a fecking discord server with people from the server where you’re meant to be doing stuff with them there such as playing games that arent hmod

Go play on other servers before you whine about me not knowing how TTT feels like on other servers and you’ll understand , it’s just different.
I have been on many servers before , some vanilla ones and some that just ruin the fun with retarded gamemodes or playermodels , weapons , traitor shops etc.


I would like to see this implemented since it helps new players get scrap and help get decent guns to have a chance against regulars with op guns. We all know how playing with guns with no stat-boosts for a round feels like, imagine what does it feel like playing with shitty guns all the time. :rainbow_flag:


I’d love to have a competitive mode, would suit me quite well. Meme rounds could be fun but I would only want them occasionally and I’m not bothered by the map thing personally.


Stop shouting down all ideas and complaining about literally everything on HMOD. There’s disagreeing and then there’s being a prat


If you didn’t notice - the Harrysmod server is losing interest. I myself struggle to stay on unless im a T or there are high volumes of reports.

It would be nice to do everything that improves the server but harry has a life and we cant do that. If your argument “Go play another server” argument.

Then your not getting the point of my post here. I want to change the server SLIGHTY to make it better overall. The server doesn’t have much now after 300 levels. I don’t see you play much anymore. mostly when I am player your in spectator. your free to tell me other wise but you too cant ay its getting stale. I don’t want the MC server to become Source maps 24/7 just maybe Main or MC to new maps for 1-2 hours announced so people have a fair chance of knowing. You don’t need to download stuff in game - just outside materials. There is an argument where people are more likely to come on Sunday. so maybe host it on a day where its not as full like Friday or Wednesday. the reason I wanted competitive is just anew way to earn rewards for THIS server and have a way to keep players coming back. as I stated at the start.

Again your assuming people WANT to move. the idea of this post is to make ways to KEEP players playing with events to look forward too. as I said the Harrysmod server is getting borring. If you think its fine then sure - but I see ways to improve the server.

And clearly if you want to drive people away from the server because other servers do it better then that’s just dumb. we want to keep players here.

As CCX put it. Change ideas so they MAY fit your idea of the game. Im not asking for this to be 24/7. just one/twice per week to keep players playing


I get where you’re coming from now , however I think you should add another basic rule of having 50% of the players or more agreeing with such said events (the players that are on the server during the time of such said event) , I don’t think anyone would have fun if 2 people out of 15 would want to play such said gamemode.


That’s a good idea also. we want people to want the events. not forced upon them.


I think Idea 1 could go nicely to change the monotony of the usual gameplay on the server.

About Idea 2, Arsi has a great point on this but apart from the trouble that it’ll take to implement on harry’s side (if he comes around to it), it might not be something that’ll take off easily. let me explain, as Cranger said, what generally lures people to the server (and lured me in too) is the inventory system, while the regulars would love to have some different kind of gameplay to spice up, the new guys that join because of the inventory might see it differently (my opinion).

Idea 3 in my idea is a bit tricky for me, if I understood correctly, it’ll be like the punishment from the pumpkins but for everyone for a round? could be cool but we’d need a lot of different scenarios to make an actual pool which could be random and have an actual diverse playtime.

EDIT: an example to some scenarios could be: HUGE round only, sniper only, knife only (very creative, I know) inverted controls, inverted screen (upside down I mean, or sideways. whatever), brightness 200% (don’t like it but eh.) brightness -200% (can’t see shit, won’t hit shit), everyone has the pomf m3 besides nobrain till the map changes ,bleeding round (basically every round you shoot takes health from you, you hit someone, you gain health) and many more.


First idea is terrible imho, since a lot of people won’t be able to play, including me.
Second and especially the third are nice and I’d like them to be implemented.


the first one will never happen but i like the idea, this was sort of the intention behind cripple


Any plans to try do options 2 and or 3?

I totally understand why we cant to 1. Players joining when we are hosting the events will give a ban impression even if its for an hour.


Suggestion 4: make me and insert super admins