Suggestion: Grenade Spawn


The idea is to remove grenade spawns entirely. This is so that they won’t be found amongst the guns and ammo you can find in the map while playing a round of TTT. This can be controlled by a script within the gamemode files.

The reason for this was a suggestion to make some sort of minimal effect in helping against general lag experienced by the user.

A replacement from this would be to utilise the inventory menu. A loadout slot could be provided for the user to select what grenade they want to use that round.

“What if you want to use multiple grenades?” Well you could get someone to drop you one or they could be re-issued to your weapon slot once a cooldown period has passed. This could help prevent spam also, thus any lag-related issues following.

This could be strategically used by harry in preparation for any grenade buff/nerf values which he may or may not have planned.


Sounds good to me. Would also lower the amount of grenade spam, rdms aswell


Well…that slot’s gonna be permanently taken by an incend! xD


What if you’re issued one of each at the beginning of the round? You could have a maximum of one of each and the only way to refill the slot midgame is to collect it off a dead body left with 1 on it.