Temp ban question

i was temp banned for “Get to fuck” by RhysRaptor. why?
(44 weeks, 6 days, 18 hours, 10 minutes)

Based on memory, I believe there were approximately 4-5 reports on you from the same round.

what was i doing?

Apologies, was trying to make a pm and hit wrong button

Mass rdm basically

is there a rule for long to ban someone if they mass rdm?

Either 2 weeks (if you’re lucky) or perm

so why 44 weeks?

For mass rdm in a single round. You could do an appeal if you wanted to

rhys probably typed a long number randomly and hoped it would be long enough, now you’ve appealed you may get a shortened ban if you apologise and don’t do it again

Kinda substitute for perm I guess, since not many people would wait that out

He needs to make an actual appeal first

thanks for the help

true dat…….

I recommend you make an appeal. properly laid out and shit

i will and again thanks

Also make as pm to staff yesyesclosed before the shitposters arrived, especially as it solved