The Anti Minge Project Is now Active. Happy hunting

Edit: The Ant Minge Project is now active.

(thank ccx for the name)

Hello there. If you’re a person who enjoys the server, somewhat enjoys the community and wants to keep it alive and healthy. (And earn tons and tons of easy scrap) Then do keep reading this!

Recently, the amount of cheaters on our servers have increased by a huge amount. Like literally, it’s insane how many there are now. And even though we manage to catch most of them, there are still those out there that just simply avoids staff, hides it well when staff are around and so on.

So we would like to ask you, the players to help us out! Now, at the weekend, when the Anti-Minge Project will take full effect, we’re gonna be starting a huge hunt on these cheaters. Cheaters can be new players, veteran players. Even the staff and the owner could be cheating. Ikr it’s crazy.

Now, why would you even bother to help you may ask? Cause we are now giving out a huge amount of scrap to any people that catches any cheaters! The amount of scrap will be based on the kinds of cheat, the quality of the evidence and the ranking of the player( New player, veteran player, staff and owner) If you somehow manage to catch a staff or the owner cheating. You will literally get so much scrap that you’ll never need to question if you can afford some shit.

The amount of scrap for players will be between 1000-10000 depending on, as mentioned before, the kind of cheat and so on.

OH but that’s not all. Every month, we will select the mvp of them all. The reward will be a secret but trust me. It’s something you would definitely want. There’s literally no way anyone would ever turn this down.

This event starts tomorrow at 18:00 gmt.

Now, there are a few rules though, which are the following

Abusing this through making new accounts or any of the sorts will get those accounts and your own permanently banned

All proof shall either be sent to a staff (Preferably not the helpers, but allowed. Just go to me on steam or discord. Or else any other staff)

There’s no limit to how many people you can report. But if you keep making false reports, you will be suspended from this Project.

Happy Hunting!


It’s cyber police time

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Lol imagine if harry starts cheating just to give some guy scrap

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wont this just end up targeting generally better players (with better guns etc).


This is just so Aldron can get his quota by the end of the month

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So what if it does? They won’t get banned unless they’re actual cheating. And if they repeat sending false reports they’ll get blocked from sending reports

  1. What would qualify as a veteran player, level, playtime, guns etc.
  2. You shouldn’t need to almost ‘bribe’ people to catch cheaters I know this will make more players aware but generally whenever you ‘know’ someone is hacking or cheating you would report them anyway and if you don’t your basically a **** because usually cheaters affect everyone currently playing
  1. Yes
  2. It’s not bribing. This is just to encourage people to help out aswell. Normally, when some player sees a cheater, they just message to staff “hey, this guy is cheating. can you get on and ban him?” But what if all of us staff are busy? We have lvies outside of here aswell. We can’t always get on whenever someone needs something. We go to work, school, do other hobbies. And we can’t just simply ban a person cause some player says they’re cheating. So what can we do? We can get the players to get some proof of the cheating. Record it. Show it to us, and then we can simply ban them from discord. And they get rewarded for it. Nobody is forced to do this. If you’re out for looking for a way to earn some scrap, this is an option. Nothing wrong with it.

Yeah I do understand and just to clarify I wasn’t having a go at staff that can’t come on I was having a go at people that side with the cheaters and such, I reread what I wrote and it read a bit ambiguous or as if I was degrading staff, to be clear I’m not you are all very good at what you do and I know personally myself that I would not be able to hold that much responsibility

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np, wasn’t degrading or anything like that at all. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

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heres a good drinking game its called "go through the forums and take a shot every time you see the phrase “we have lives too yknow” "

even tho its bollocks lmao


if this had been up when i was new to the server…

You woulda been banned?
(lol jk)

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I got banned and now I wanna cry about it to everyone here.

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Yes (not better guns) but better players already do get banned. Well done you got it.

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Of course nobody could ever be falsely banned ever with the likes of aldron on the server.

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Did moat annoy you again so you had to come here and gripe or something

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Moat as if i play that shit i havent played it properly for about a year and half

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I’m a whiny cunt who doesn’t know when to stop

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