The Easter update (2019 edition)


Easter is just around the corner, so it’s time for a new event and some new content! This update will be released Midnight tonight.


The Easter event is back again this year! Collect eggs around the map for loot, and just like last year I’ll be giving away some cool exotics to everyone who collects eggs! 1 egg = 1 entry in the draw, and at the end of the event I’ll reveal the new exotics and who is getting them.

New exotics!

There’s 4 new exotic hats to find! Trade up is currently not available for these items since they’re for a slot that previously hasn’t had any exotics. Exotic hats are always the same hat type and unusual effect too, so keep an eye out for people with them! Here’s a list of the new ones to look out for:

  • Infinity - Constantly regenerate reserve ammo for both your weapons
  • Gambler - When above 50% health, you deal 10% more damage. When below 50% health, you take 20% more damage.
  • Moonman - Moon gravity!
  • Vampiric Investigator - Regenerate 15hp every time you identify an unidentified body.

New tutorial!

Right now new players are really, really at a disadvantage to other players. Most of them join the server with nothing, get shat on and then leave. To fix this, when new players join the server they’ll get a tutorial, telling them what to do, giving a guaranteed purple item, some scrap and lootboxes. This should hopefully make it a bit easier for new players.

Trading and market changes

You may notice the market become completely empty in a few days. Don’t panic, everything is fine. From now on, if an item on the market does not sell within 7 days, it will automatically be delisted. You can freely relist it but you will have to pay the listing fee again. Admins now have access to improved trade tools, and are able to see all trades that happen on the server. We’re taking a zero tolerance approach to scamming due to the guaranteed items low-levels will now get. Scamming anyone, including sharking (deliberately offering a new player much lower than an item is worth). We’ll be banning players as we see fit from now on, re-offenders can expect to get permabans.

Balance updates

Some stats are way, way better than other ones. To combat this, the amount a stat can be increased by has been changed for almost everything. Here’s a list of changes that have been made:

  • Damage boost, Increased bullets effectiveness reduced by 10%
  • Reload speed effectiveness increased by 15%
  • Push force effectiveness increased by 20%
  • Push cooldown effectiveness increased by 50%
  • Health boost effectiveness reduced by 20%
  • Decreased fall damage effectiveness increased by 100%

Basically, if you had a gun with 50% damage boost before, it will now have 45% instead. This won’t affect the rarity of guns, if your gun was a legendary before these adjustments won’t change that.

Other stuff

  • Fixed a few display bugs with the discord bot
  • Made the hat code less shit
  • Decreased load times by deleting old features that aren’t used now
  • Fixed rampage

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best part of the update



do a flip

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Why nerf the health thing ree

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what about new items? can you get a non corrupted legend with over 50 dmg for example?
also how will the boost affect negative stats



I think it’s time for me to return.



Please never change the way you code.

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thanks harry for buff and thank you pasta for crowbar



Hat creation central
An update is not complete without a cowboy hat, thanks bye

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I’m furious.



News just in, Furious Scotsman’s wrath is not calmed by chocolate, Scientists conclude this is beyond science

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I don’t think you can get above 50% DMG anymore, as well as you can’t get above 75% DMG on corrupted guns.

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Are the stat changes going to effect newly unboxed guns or all of them including previously owned ones e.g. I have a shotgun with 50-52 damage boost (can’t remember of the top of my head exactly) will that be rebalanced or is it just new guns



All guns will role the same, But now there is a global modifier that makes all guns change. your shotgun should be nerfed.

You may role a 135% total stats legendary, but may not look like one. the stats come 1st Then the modifiers



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