The Halloween event is back!


The Halloween event is returning for another year, and this time it’s spookier than ever! Pickup pumpkins for a chance for scrap, but be careful, you may end up being tricked!

This year there’s an increased scrap reward, a slightly higher risk of tricks, and 5 new tricks (bringing it up to a total of 10 tricks). You’ll be able to pickup pumpkins all throughout October.

There’s also a sale on this month at the HarrysMod store, if you haven’t already picked up VIP now is a great time!



YAY the Halloween event is here :slight_smile:


Can’t wait too see what the new tricks are




Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?



Sees a pumkin some one else gets it HOW DARE I HATE YOU


The wheelchair is the best thing that happened ti the server



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thanks ccx
very cool


Give me a bar mitzvah gift u said it urself it is a Jewish server


This entire comment section is just gonna be memes




Harry: The Halloween event is back!
Comment section: memes




Becky I got you stik bitches luv stiks