The HarrysMod survey (free lootboxes!)


I’m looking for ways to improve and expand the reach and attraction of the server right now, and I figured the best way to do that was to get the opinions of not just me, but everyone who plays on the server and frequents these forums. If you fill in the survey below by the 16th of February, you’ll be entitled to 5 free lootboxes in-game, delivered some point before then! The survey is short and should only take you 5-10 minutes, but it’ll improve the server and let me know what you guys are thinking.

Here’s the link: https://goo.gl/forms/h09XDc06i9HLKCET2

Please be as honest and critical as possible, the more criticism I get the better the server will be.

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In other news, I’ve given the minecraft only server a little more love. It now runs 6 new maps in addition to the classic ttt_minecraft_b5, and has the standard mapvote from the main server enabled, just with no extension limit and longer extend times. This should hopefully make the server more enjoyable for you guys who only like to play on minecraft only.


“How do you like your Steak? (this is very important)” - Well in that case


More free shit for venting my incorrect opinions on various things? Of course!


I want to do it but I cant since Im not on my pc. Trying to login to google, but its a new pc, so I need to send a mail. But I dont remember the password either, got a mail for recovery. tried to log in with new password and now google sent me to a recovery specialist and I need to wait 2-3 days before they contact me. Thanks harry… -.-


I fucking did it. Guess which one was mine cunt.


The only one probably, god I’m a fat loser


Yesterday there was a lot of RDM and possibly people hacking,
But there were no admins online to do anything about it.
Maybe appoint some new admins.


There’s a report section that you can use, you know. unfortunately, the staff can’t be there for you 24/7, we have our own lives aswell. I got work, only got a couple hours before I go to bed. You can also just apply yourself if you haven’t already. Not guaranteed you’ll get accepted tho


I would have liked to say yes to some of the other options btw


I like my steak raw and slathered with eye juice but being the inconsiderate meanie owner you are there was no option for this.


you didnt include medium well


Great survey m8, now we need to wait a year to get the ideas implemented


i cant wait till the 16th, cunt, give them now.

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i still dont have my crates, scammed


Same haven’t got mine either


So what’s this survey about fully?


Read the first sentence on the post.