The Infamous Overtime

We all know the most infamous Overtime rule, where you can kill randomly on sus. (2.1.7)

The normal reasons to kos are (2.2.2)

As it also said it ‘‘depends on situations, scenarios, and context.’’

So 1 time I just ran around as an innocent and I got in overtime kos cause… I was running. After i read the kos reasons there are no reasons to kill a person that… just walk around. I got killed and i was innocent.

‘‘There are many valid KOS reasons and they all work in different situations and scenarios. Here are a few:’’

dude if you just call a few reason i am very unsure what a valid reason even is.

Because of the 20 Minute overtime there are many people who wait many minutes and even writing that i have to kill faster my suspect. So i dont know who invented that the overtime goes 50 minutes and i dont know why you even literally rdm in overtime.

If you play soccer the match doesnt get different in overtime. So if it is possible to change the overtime that it will be made shorter there will be not a huge overtime rule that says when i kos people. And even when the server is full it is way better for everyone that is getting killed at the start of a round that at least the overtime is getting faster over… or you have no motivation to wait again 60 minutes to just play a round.

For me this rule is incompleted and someone had a suggestion that the traitor is getting revealed. But that is just unfair if you have like 90 minutes left in overtime. If the overtime is shorter the traitor would play mostly faster and the rounds will be over faster. That is a win-win-situation except for the t that has time-pressure but when do you even have time-pressure in-game?

For me is this rule just a reason to rdm someone when it says to your left corner ‘‘overtime’’
If there is a feature that reveales the t in overtime will be just unfair for the traitor and if there is no time left the round goes faster over… I feel like I repeat myself.

It would be nice if it is possible to make the overtime shorter or make something different around the overtime

answer to all who write something below what i said:
i dont care what you say cause i am right.


Apologies for not spending hours trying to think of reasons when I wrote the rules update, I had better things to do with my time.


Delaying as a T intentionally is against the rules aswell, and will get them slain for it. So there arent that many people that delay intentionally.

And besides, you can’t really compare this to football. both are completely different types of events and are in no way related to the other.

And by valid kos reasons in overtime. I wouldnt say walking is a valid reason to kill someone in overtime. Everyone walks. Basically overtime is just a reminder to hurry things up. Just think of it like this. Is it something only a traitor would do? Kill.


the fuck you talkin about overtime length, unless if like the server is full and practically everyone is dead theres near no way it could even be 20+ min

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Overtime is calculated by the number of innocents that the traitors have killed in that particular round. The more often people are killed, the longer it takes to get to overtime.

Also, I have NEVER seen a round last over 15 minutes. So you’re just throwing out random arbritrary numbers.

There are some valid reasons clearly stated on the rules thread on the forums. We can’t anticipate every in-game eventuality, therefore there are only a few written down. If you are unsure if a reason is valid, you are welcome to ask a staff member.
If you believed you have been kosed falsely, report it in game.

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Oh I love the wonderful moronics. A round has never even last 15 minutes never 20, even with delaying morons. Do you know why? Cause overtime is calculated on the amount of inn is killed. From what I’ve seen it’s about 30 seconds per kill I think, code monkeys are welcome to correct me on this. But it’s something like that. And do for there to be a 20 minute overtime the server would have to have over 40 people on it, nvm the bullshit numbers you were throwing around. Especially as you couldn’t decide how long the overtime was yourself, saying 20,50,60 and 90 mins.

Next the rule is there to help stop delayers, and generally it seems to work.

The rule is not kill randomly on sis. There has to be a reason for them to be suspicious, like following, or being near a t trap when it activates. Those are just examples because there are so many that apply in different situations.
Which conveniently is what applies in the kos reasons. THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT REASONS THAT COULD BE VALID AT DIFFERENT TIMES. It’s about thinking, using your brain and using common sense. And ok you’ll get a few wrong, and you’ll learn from those mistakes

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Just off the top of my head, here are a few reasons to kill in overtime. Im sure there are more but this is what most reasons will be:
They were the last person somebody saw
They are the only one using a certain gun that’s been killing people all game
Being near a t trap when it activates
Constantly following
Randomly Shooting
Being at low health with no reason as to why
Refusing to test
Blowing up explosives near people
Not responding to life checks
Not shooting a kosed person
Using health station after being told not to (by detective)
Hiding the gold block or diamond blocks (on b5)
Being afk

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pretty sure overtime is always 5 minutes in, and the automatic innocent win is calculated based on kills

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I’m just gonna close this as it has been answered several times. Next time if you can’t handle critcism, don’t share your opinion about things.


Wowwwwww you really are self centred. By any chance are you a flat earther? Cause that’s the same moronic response as they give

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