The problem with toxic players

Hello, I wanted to talk about toxic players, what they are, and how they are a big problem.
I will define toxic player so we all know what we are talking about, Toxicity (in games or any social context) is communication and behavior that both risks harm (including emotional harm or distress) to other participants and achieves no significantly higher objective. I am pretty new to TTT and see so many toxic actions committed, sadly by donators, the main toxic action is toxic players shooting a player and then, in turn, being killed by the player where they report the player for RDM and get them auto slain. Toxic players need to be taken more seriously and punished with temp bans not slays the reason they need to be temp banned is that a toxic player will not take responsibility. Toxic players are the worse thing for a community because they hurt the players mentally unlike cheaters.


Toxic behaviour isn’t tolerated, even if they are a ‘donator’. I haven’t seen a lot of reports that follow the example you’ve mentioned but regular players do tend to be a bit silly sometimes.

We give out bans for people that we (as in, the staff) deem to be toxic.


Report this on the forums pls


I haven’t personally been seeing this happening, but if it is then please find evidence of it and report this here, as mehairygod said.

Toxicity is particularly annoying to handle because everyone has a different definition of toxic. We have some general guidelines we go by, but even when those are being hit it’s still not always clear. We try, we really do, but please bring it to our attention when it happens (with evidence).


hi im cherino and I approve this message


Toxic players are everywhere you cant get rid of them. It is sad.

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