Thereis mudrerer oh no

is a mistery a murderer has hapend and kokichi has dyed.
kochi was bulleted to head and death hapening

who has murderering?
4 peple were presentation.
bozno. Staff member 16 . hacker omg . enter bank here . and funny person sodler boy.

bozno saided he was neer the window when the bulleted murdeder went and he do saw mudereder has funny face.

hacker is was playing with his dog but no dog aimbot???

tomorrow is also here and he shitted when

enter bank here was kissing sodler boy very romentic and funy cuz horny and stuf get it?

staf member was closet to kockerinchi and is very misterios man

whip is master detercteriv and is remembering deteils for solveing mistery. whip is aslo very handsom and cute many ladyies want love him :slight_smile: 100% truee story

butt thies mistery to mistery!! even master deterceriv whip no solveing do! help whip solv mistery please

whip is found interested clue! is gun has blood! did mudereing stabbeth the konichi with guun?

very intereserting clue is helping


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