This is shit posh now

Fourms seem empty, lets try something new.
I will start with a statement, slighty increase the length of said statement by saying the same thing but with more words. For example:

Increase the words with something small like:
Bovine female

Then go further with:
A farmyard animal being a Bovine Female.

you get it now.
Lets begin with a popular meme:

Blame Insert_Blank_Here

exclaim that Harry’s Mod admin insert blank here is responsible


lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala waa waa wee waa.

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And so came the end of this attempt.

Original Forum Section New Forum Section
General Shitposting
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I dont know what to do please help i dont understand the instructions D:


Coding cuck lord

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i tried.
10 chars

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It is is now known to all that the cause of the sitation and thus blame is owed to the harrysmod admin known as Insert_Blank_Here

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And we love ya for it bossman.

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:boom: :space_invader: :frog:

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