To lazy to sell the gun

i’m to lazy to sell it


Is it locked on a slot and if so on wich?

Sorry i was sleeping but i don’t really get what you mean because i’m still new to this

but if you mean if it’s lock in a slot, i don’t really think so

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If so im very interested! When are you online?

any time really

Ok i will write you later when im online!

okay see you later

i just got the hat

It’s on the minecraft server if you are wondering

plus i’m online right now

when are you going to be online

Oh fuck so sorry i forgot :expressionless:

I could be on now, but if not than ill remember tomorrow!

are you on now

I can’t really remember tomorrow

Nah imma sleep now, ill write you tomorrow when im home!

when is that

i have school

@thunder im there now!
Just write here and ill hop on a server!

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