Trading away Tranq (SOLD)


I need to try something other than snipers to change things up. So I’m trading away my tranq gun for something reasonable. If you see me on the server and want to trade thats good or if you want to work something out here that’s good too


I’m selling a good HUGE and a very good AUG! I woulkd offer some more stuff for your tranq as well, just tell me what you’d like!


Is there a time you will be on so we can check inventories? (Like how many hours not actually the time of your time zone)


let’s say in a hour from this post on on the MC server, @Obama_Llama


@Heskan sounds good


K I’m there


go to main server MC isn’t online


tell me when


I’ll have to go now, tell me when u have time


If anything in my inv takes your fancy, let me know. I have plenty of guns (apologies for the scrolling in advance, I have too many loot crates atm)


U still selling or what?