Treaty of agreement - The End

Hello Minecraft Gamers.

As the end is a shared realm and will link to everyone. i propose the end is hard enough without PVP, Now that i and anyone allied with the peace village has a connection to the end i wish to extend a peace offering to prevent strife between anyone.

I will be making a Exp Farm in the end using enderman, It will be difficult and painfull but its important to get Grinding done and out the way.

I propose the end becomes a palce of free travel and shared between all of us, it is no ones but everyones. As such the EXP Grinder needs an enchantments table + resorses to prevent trecking back, i can provide the base but everyone should chip in to keep it happy. Griefing it should be stigmatised and lead to that person being KOS’d.

Thanks for keeping “war” civil.


I would normally just go break but i like end farm yes :slight_smile:

Ye me too, but I think one day we should make war just for fun, like putting killed peoples stuff in chests and not taking it after killing them

Insert why the FUCK were you up at 6am in the End. What.


I’m going to burn your items


Sounds like a good idea but yanno how can we trust everyone someone is most likely going to be cunty

quite simple really
just everyone in the treaty just kill the person when you see him and make him trade banned and guild banned
we cannot stop people but we definetly can make em regret it

shut up kokichi its a minecraft server
this is wack.

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