Trello (I need 15 Characters)

Trello is a website where you can tell the community what you are doing / working on easily, https://trello.com/

This image basically explains everything

Right Click, Then Click View Image To See More Clearly

If you have any questions just add a reply.


I’ve used Trello before and agree it’s very good, but I’m not sure Harry really needs to give us full updates on when things are being worked on. He’s a one man team so he needs to be fully focused.


nice, i like that idea

The problem with trello is that features can get put on there that never get touched again, then I have people nagging me about making them. I prefer posting out of context screenshots in the #dev channel of the discord (which you can get to here: https://discord.gg/JSW3sD7)


why did this not get added?

I could fucking burst you.