ttt.meharryp.xyz is no more!


We’ve moved domains! harry.gg is the new home of the HarrysMod site. Easier to remember, easier to type, and better represents what I want HarrysMod to eventually become, especially with the planned release of DarkRP in July.

DarkRP Server


Does this mean we can post again now?


And you’ve already broken it


The heart is the new discourse update, the other thing is your shit phone


Yeah man ()


Like the response menu is broken as well WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!


Wtaf is dark rp




Roleplay with drugs, guns, police and prostitute’s



Who else is going to no life the hell out of the dark rp server when it comes out? I know I’m going to be there for sure.


played dark rp only an hour or so, had no Idea what I was doing. might give it a try when it comes out. Does it mean I have staff power there aswell though? :smiley:

But anyways, I would honestly have prefered deathrun or something instead.


Honestly i dont know what the dark even is but i will give it a try anyways
anyways hurray for more harrysmod


Is the DarkRP going to be minimal downloads because the only reason I don’t play DarkRP is the ridiculous time it takes to load a server


I think thats why a ajority of people dont play it.



I’m sure it will be a very few things that you’ll need to download. Since the TTT servers are known for having barely any files that you need to download. I’m sure the darkrp might be somewhat the same.


Yeah, you’ll only have to download the map to join, and I don’t really expect to be using loads of custom models in-game either. We’ll be using CS:S for the weapons and I’ve already converted every TTT gun to support other gamemodes.


I literally was trying to come to the forums for like a week and didn’t know why it was working lmaoo

Maybe I should pay a little more attention.