Tutorial to Trading


This is not a perfect tutorial, so please reply with any mistakes.

1. Before you send a trade, it might be good to ask if that item is for sale, or what their minimum and/or the price they want. Watch out for scammers and price sharks!

2. Joke trades. Just don’t. Someone could accidently missclick and accept and if you are a slight dick head and don’t give the item back after, you’re probally gonna get a nice little perm/temp ban. An example of a bad trade/joke trade is:

Bad scammer (In this scenario, I’m new to trading and have managed to aqquire all this good stuff somehow, don’t question it) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1755140575

Bad trader (which a low level and someone new to trading could possibly accept): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1755140726

3. smoll tips

If you have a good item that you’re not sure about selling, make sure you get a good deal, check with people experienced in hmod/trading on hmod.

Make sure you don’t scam yourself (overpaying way too much) when trading for an item.

It’s good to make sure you’re trading with someone who will retrade if you don’t like the items in the trade or want the weapon back. It’s not against the rules to not make a retrade though.

If someone’s made a questionable trade I would recommend telling a member of staff. (They could either be a scammer or a bad trader).

This kind of ties in with Make sure you don’t scam yourself, but I would ask for the price of the item you want before you make an offer, because it could be underpay or overpay.

Trading good things and scrap for something you don’t use alot is a pretty bad choice, because even if you don’t use the weapons, scrap is always good to have. Example: buying a meme gun for actual good stuff and a decent amount of scrap is bad unless you’re for some reason going to use it loads.

Exotics are worth around 25k - 30k - 35k and also some exotics are just trash (unless your name is MuffiN with a panic pump and vamp deagle or RhysRaptor with an M3 Garand, humble brag) also happy birthday Rhys, so if you offer 3 vamp deagles, 2 m3 garands and 5 panic pumps for something like a dmg, fr and rec legendary AK, It’s a terrible trade.

Please give me stuff to add to this xoxoxoxo.


Happy birthday Rhys raptor

And takn you i can trade now


make sure you dont trade a 60% bullets 110% firerate 50% recoil legendary shotgun for big bertha ): (good guide btw)


ill give it back if you still have the big bertha or some sweet scrap


the WHAT?!


yes i said i was selling big bertha and he gave me that