Unban appeal -Arsiツ


except CCX



I know this probably won’t change anything, but I’d like Arsi being back. Maybe a 1 year ban or 6 months would do the trick as well, @TTT-Staff?
Just sayin.


Why? Why ping all the staff? You are an idiot


Heskan your about as liked as awootism
and dont ask for someone to get a shorter ban/unban.
the only people to decide that is either the entire staff or the person that banned said person


^ true
also yeet 10 characters


Oh boy


Your a necromancer already.

Cease. don’t ping staff when its not needed. If you know your an ass but you still do it then you may get a ban for incompetence and toxicity. Please stop being an arse or we can cut you loose.

Like multiple arseholes.

Continue to break rules and you may get a fourms ban.


Good good! I understand it’s ok


Yeah me too