Unban appeal the second - bad


hello once again!

Person who banned you: Janice
Reason for BAN: “Seeing people through walls, and likely toggling aim. Feel free to appeal on the forums.”
Time of ban: 12AM 23/10/2018
Screenshot of ban message: https://i.imgur.com/i22wi8I.png
SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197999548093
Reason for appeal: I still do not cheat, friends!

I’ll link my previous appeal, since that contains basically everything that I felt needed to be said: Unban bad please

Given that you said I should feel free to appeal, I’m genuinely interested in what “evidence” you’ve found. I’d also like to quickly note that I have a POV recording of the entirety of my last play session (which is recorded directly from GPU video feed, so it’s not like I can have a wallhack enabled but hidden in recording, although obviously you can feel free to doubt that), so if you have anything in particular I’d be happy to provide my personal POV. Obviously if it’s from previous sessions, I might not have it, but I have taken to try record POVs just in case something pops up.

I’m more interested in the “seeing through walls” claim than the aim one. That’s actually more specifically why I was banned from a previous server. They saw me aim at people through walls in the post-round (obviously you can see people’s nameplates in post-round, so I don’t know how you can even claim that), so I’d be interested if you also came to that conclusion.

I don’t see a 2nd appeal being as fruitful as the 1st, but I’m open to discuss literally anything you have to say about my play! I also appreciate the encouragement to appeal, although it does feel like a trap.

Thank you !!! :slight_smile: :+1:


bad: have you ever heard of the dunning kruger effect
bad: dunning kruger basically proposes that peoples self-claimed ability to measure someones skill has an inverse relationship t
bad: o their actual ability
bad: so people who are uh
bad: for example
bad: bad at videogames
bad: will make claims on other peoples ability
bad: with mroe vigor than those who arent


Hi im a harrysmod regular and i was on at the time, This young man has been banned for aimbotting, and after hours of spectating i came to a conclusion…
yes i agree this man should be banned as he has some serious twitches which is unusual, although looking through walls at people directly was a bit strange maybe he is just really good, sike his snaps are fuckign awful honestly developed some cancer from that shit like yikes, anyway gg


Not sure what this has to do with my appeal, but I was just offering you the possibility that you’re unaware of your own unfitness to judge these things. For example, climate science deniers are so unaware of their lack of science understanding that they gain undue confidence.


sike his snaps are fuckign awful honestly developed some cancer

You’re ignoring the hundreds of flicks that didn’t land.

Also, not to be rude or anything, but you haven’t spectated me for hours. You’ve only been there like two sessions that I’ve played.


Hi there! It wasnt a trap to get you to appeal so please don’t feel so negative about it. I mainly would like to see a clip of you POV from this perspective https://youtu.be/hmfReQbvXzI

To me that was the final straw that pushed me to ban you, It was already suspicous enough but that was just too kind for radar to be the reason. Thanks for the appeal though I honestly wouldn’t want to falsely ban anyone.


take the L pussy boy and dont come back


Alright, I have the POV. It’s basically the same as what you see, except my radar literally ticked 3s before the clip starts. The audio’s apparently fucked for some reason but that shouldn’t really mean anything.

I know it looks like I “know” exactly where he is, but my thought process was that the radar shows he’s on the stairs, so either he’s going up and I should pre-scope the angle, or he’s going down and I won’t meet him anyway. The shots don’t look particularly egregious to me, I even missed the opening headshot when he’s practically not moving. The closing Deagle shot is a quite a flick, but it looks slower on my POV than yours. I play decently high sensitivity in this game, so most of the aiming is flicky, as you probably notice. I just have to point you to the thousands of flicks I miss every game. It looks great when it hits, but it looks terrible when I miss. I miss this shot 8/10 times, and this time I didn’t.


chill for me bud


i flick my shots when i hit my mum and lemme tell you something, i hit that shit 10/10 times and oh my it looks great when i get her in the eye


can we talk about how interesting it is that all people we call out for hacking just so happen to have all have shadowplay on at the exact same moment. coincedence? trivago.


It’s actually Plays.tv, it records entire game sessions. I mostly use it for reviewing League of Legends games. I do also have Shadowplay, though.


just pointing out that all of you ‘skilled players’ always are the same. and it stays hilarious to the end @Red_Line hey look another one of you


It’s not a very convincing trend if one of your two data points doesn’t fit the curve. You made the observation that I just “happened” to have Shadowplay running, and I didn’t.

I don’t know what your beef with me is. I literally hadn’t played with you until today and you immediately took an aggressive stance. Relax, brother, it doesn’t have to be this way.


yea nah i always know a hacker when i see one although there hasnt been one so high acting like you before, course that makes me hate you more


i always know a hacker when i see one

This type of comment never gets old to someone who knows they’re not cheating. You seem to be trying your hardest to be an asshole, so I’m not going to reply to anything else you comment. Have a good one.


Okay , well Ive also been recording you for a while , here are some highlights of what I found :

Watch from 1:10 because I couldn’t be bothered to edit

Watch this from 2:05 for the same reason
That doesn’t help your case buddy , those snaps are shady as hell.
Also @Janice was that Ivan in the call with you


Hey, I kinda assumed that’s why you were sat in spectator all day.

If you give me the date of the clips, I can maybe look if I have a POV available. I doubt it, though.

I don’t see much going on in the first clip, I’m sure if you slowed it down you’d see I’m basically never actually “landing” on a target when I flick, but it’s usually close enough that I can adjust to be on them. I hope it’s obvious that the shit where I’m “looking” at the guy through half the map is just me aiming in the direction I’m walking.

Second clip is weird, I’m sure it took a couple more frames on my POV. I’d like to note that this is during the post-round, so his name was visible above his head. Also it makes a lot more sense when you watch before 2:05, it explains why I flick over there in the first place.

I have 2 things to note here, really. Firstly is that, during your hours of spectating me, does it not strike you as weird that the 2 clips you bring to the table are at random moments during non-combat where it literally doesn’t matter what I’m aiming at? In Janice’s clip, there’s at least reason for someone to decide to aimlock, or wallhack. It’s during a round, and the player is hunting for one of the last guys. The Deagle flick happens probably a fraction of a second before the opponent gets a shot off, so it actually matters that it’s accurate. These 2 clips have nothing of importance happening in them, but I’m apparently deciding to randomly aimlock a non-threatening player who’s looking at bodies? Surely you have better examples than these.
Second, I’d like you to consider the hours of footage you could’ve recorded where the flicks didn’t land, and I was looking at nothing through a wall. I have plenty of 0-kill traitor rounds because I miss the opening couple deagle shots and die to an idiot with a shotgun. Those are important moments, and yet I miss those shots when they’re taken against a target who usually doesn’t even know I’m aiming at them. If you recorded more footage, go look at how many flicks that look similar to the 2nd clip happen, and how many times they land on air.

For an example of this, go to 25 seconds in your 2nd clip. I see the guy and flick up to check who it is. Watching it slowly, my crosshair lands below his feet, on the wall. I have to move upwards before sideways. That flicks looks similar to all the rest of them, except I’m off.


I have you know I caught a lot of clips like the one janice had but deleted them as at the time it was believed that you only had aimbot , and not a hack that lets you see through walls, so I discarded all of the clips that didn’t look like perfect aimlock like the one in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aFO2Fn8Ejs
I have you know that while spectating you I saw plenty of more situations that were extremely similar to the one brought up by janice but then again at the time I was only trying to look for evidence of aimbotting.


Also , this is pretty much admitting that you were hacking.
For all you know I could have been there just to answer reports / monitor the server , heck even chase a different hacker that was on at the time.