Unban appeal the second - bad


The effort hes been through trying to get unbanned is rather sad tbh. I can’t write more than 2 sentences before I’m bored.


I can’t write more than 2 sentences before I’m bored.

This isn’t normal and you shouldn’t feel okay with it. Even if you meant to say read, it’s still not okay.

I’m just trying to have a conversation, it doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes to write any of these comments. If I’m going to get invited to make an appeal, I’m at least going to take the time to try defend my case.


i mean this kid must be severely autistic to write this much for an unban appeal yikeys



Do you really have such a weak self-worth that you don’t value the things you want enough to put at least the slightest effort into them?


i have self worth but i dont cry over a gmod server to write essays about why i should be unbanned… YIKEYS


I’m not crying or complaining. I’m trying to have a conversation. It’s weird that 2 people have now talked about how long the replies are, when they’re literally like 30 seconds worth of text. How do you possibly read books if you can’t even manage to force yourself to focus on 100 words?


Okay, you were making good points in your replies but still, lemme help you.

1st of all. You can clearly see that Doppels response is kinda trollish and should be taken with a grain of salt. So just don’t try to counter attack him with (what you think are) solid arguments.

2nd of all.

If someone reads a book it is because most of the time it interrests them. I don’t read the entire Lord of The Rings trilogy because I need to or because I hate it. I read it because I love the books and the works of Mr. Tolkien. We don’t focus on your unban appeal like it is a book because most of us don’t care and are here to meme or just think that you have no chance of coming back either way.

Cheers, and goodnight. And don’t forget, goobye!



If someone reads a book it is because most of the time it interrests them.

We’re going completely off-topic, but it seems the topic doesn’t actually matter to anyone but myself, so let’s roll with it. I think this is a naive viewpoint. I think people may read books because they have some interest in the narrative or otherwise in the content, but I think it’s an important life skill to be able to simply discipline yourself to read the book you don’t want to read, because it might be useful. While I personally haven’t done so myself, I can gather from other people’s recounts that reading the work of Dostoevsky is, to put it bluntly, an absolute fucking ballache, but people who have read his work are able to talk about the immense depth of his psychological understanding and intuition. Please don’t take this as anything to do with the current thread, I have no illusions about the absolute unimportance of my shitty replies to this shitty thread, you just brought up a point I thought was worth pushing back against. If Doppel isn’t interested in spending 30s reading my replies, all I can do is ask why he’s in this thread in the first place.


Hello guys welcome to the S1dewalk unban appeal the seconding
please dont make it over 100 post again like the first one
please and thank you


No one gives a shit kid, someone move this to shitpost :smile:



hello ! :slight_smile:


Yeah definetly all of us are the same
I definetly was recording lol
2 ppl that were recording gameplay hmm must be a link
obv aimbot if there recording
I gave up on getting unbanned but I don’t see why over ppl have to have the same fate of being banned of “wallhacks” or “aimbot”


He hates anyone better than don’t mind him



my appeal is like the most replied post


Hi im s1dewalk/Hit


when you see countdown replying you know it will be good

  1. imagine necromancing a forum post from a server your banned on for snapping onto heads lmao

  2. this nigga was worse than you hitting peoples heads from miles away kinda like a certain REDLINE twat


Dissing my aim I feel offended


Very mean I bought my super premium hacks
with my money