Name: death12092almost,vanilla,ttt,server
SteamID: 76561198317638844
Reason for ban: radnom nading,rdm 5 times in diferent rounds =perma
Date of Ban: 3+ years ago
janice banned me and he hated me for finding out to early that he was t 3 times. janice banned me

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@Janice @TTT-Staff


This is nice and all

But why should we unban you? All you are telling us here is that your acusing Janice for hate banning you, which is not what happened. You need to give a decent reason AND apology for unban.

This is worthless and not showing any sign of apology or change


3 years ago? That must be the new record lmao

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he was banned last year

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Wat why does he say 3+ years ago than

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I wish I knew hahah


begone yank


pretty sure death was one of those boys that would spam discombobs all the time cus it didnt effect his karma, like its literally all he did on maps like airbus and teen room so its kinda understandable for him to get banned for it. probably cost tons of people their t rounds

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Oh not this shit again


You ghosted- that’s why you got banned


For context

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  1. The server hasn’t been online for 3+ years so that is bullshit.

  2. You ignored the fact you were banned for ghosting on Harry’s Mod.

3.You have been banned for ghosting on moat.gg, showing you have no intention of changing.

4.Little to no honesty or apology to make us think you know what you did was wrong.



‘Because it is Janice and he is a massive pain in the ass’


you do the ghost you get the roast,
you do the hack you get the smack


No we caught him ghosting- he’s also perma from moat for the same thing but he still has moat.gg in his name obvs


id like to imagine it was a reason why no one tried to defend him


@death12092moat.gg I dont think your chances are high



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This Crashed and burned. No replies so Locking

Death12092moat.gg Come back in 6-12 months when you can put a real apology, none of this kim kardashian crap.