Unban request - s1dewalk (s11313131)

IGN= s11313131
STEAM ID= STEAM_0:1:190598701
Reason= cheating.
Staff Who Banned= @WFoster

Date/TIme= 22/01/2020, Around 17:00

No warning, I’ve been having fun on the server for over a week after my previous ban.
Joined today and got got banned?
I was not even playing, I was AFK out with my dog, when I came back I greeted with a ban

Now I know all the staff knew about this,
but what the general playerbase doesn’t know is that I spent more or less 2 hours doing an essay to get unbanned with actually thought and research put into it. So why would I hack if i took time and effort into getting unbanned and actual thought? Why would the staff think I’m hacking when i did this?

Really there’s nothing else to say. I would appreciate If you could reconsider this ban

Feel free to reply with whatever evidence you have, I guess.


Use the correct unban format.