Unban ttt? wtf


so i got this when i tried to join… my ping is normally 100-300 on the server but i didnt know its this bad, can i get unban?


boom boom boom boom

hacker in the room


what? i got hacked or im being accused of hacking?


donno how that happened but it shouldnt be because of the ping cuz i have seen people with 999 Ping


ok thanks for the reply, just gotta hope staff see this and unban


ill unban you later if no staff does it in the mean time.


how long is later? i was going to stay up this night and play some harrys mod. oh and also for some reason on the non minecraft server i have perma autoslay from ajgunstone with reason:“oops”


unbanned. 0


thank you so much!!! i also got a new internet connection so this doesnt happen again.


i tried to connect and still couldnt, are you sure you unbanned Me? scytE


Yes, 100%. Perhaps you got banned again.


what the ****


Just because it’s halloween, HAPPY NECROMANCING!

PS: sry