Update on the situation

Hi Everyone,

Thought I’d take a moment to update you following Harry’s recent departure.

Is the server being shutdown?

No. We are planning to continue, as long as people are still regularly playing. Our server hosting is already paid in advance for another 3.5 months.

what about the staff etc?

a few have moved ranks, including @Novacide as CM. @Snake, @Jabba and @Soldier_Boy have all been promoted to staff too.

Are you looking for more helpers?

short answer is no, not right now.

When will the store re-open?

this is a work in progress, we’ll update you when we know more. Again, we’re already paid up for a while so this’ll be sorted eventually.

I don’t give a shit, where’s the new content?

The short answer is I don’t know at this moment in time. We’ll be changing the map pool in a few weeks. The plan is still to have new exotic attachments for the Halloween event (1st October)

you should rename the server


Comments/insults welcomed below as always.


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