Updates 27/01/18


Huge thanks to everyone who has taken part in the survey so far, I plan on closing it on the 1st of February., with lootboxes being given out shortly after. Based on answers so far I’ve already got an idea of what will be prioritised first, but I’ll be talking more on that when I close the survey. I’ll also be posting a few anonymous statistics from the survey for your viewing pleasure. For now though, here’s a small patch to keep you all going while you wait for larger updates.

  • Weapons:
    – Added the Sawed-off shotgun, a secondary weapon with a lot of spread, but a lot of damage. Devastating up close but pathetic at a longer distance.
    – Decreased the amount of bullets for most shotguns. Amount of bullets is now always rounded down, not up.
    – Added hit-markers to stop people saying the server is shit, can be turned off in the inventory settings menu.
    – The M3 is no longer fully automatic

  • Resources
    – Stopped downloading/mounting Santa since he’s only used in December

  • Retex
    – Modified Retex to support HL2 textures


niiiiiiiiiiiiiiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i will love the hitmarkerssss


Yeeeeaaahh maaaaann


Cool, thanks, now an event with increased t3 chance for that sweet sawed off t3




nice :grinning:


At last a nurf to shotguns


also this is pritty cool


Only bad thing in this update, its pretty annoying right now, but you will probably get used to it. Don’t really know what it will achieve tho…


It’s a nerf, for the M3 to be totally effective you have to know its firing pattern.


But @meharryp, What is the most popular choice of how people have their steak done?


did you fuck with the legendary unbox chances harry




These were ALL in the span of exactly 24 hours, by the way.

EDIT: Here’s another one!

EDIT 2: I don’t deserve these


Fuck you


Countdown dislikes this.


I gave him the Dual Berettas for the record


The shittes out of all of them XD


The hit-markers are great but the sawed-off shotgun can be abused by the traitors because of the high dmg and 2 shots that can be fired in quick succession.



The fuck does that mean its a gun not a fuckin ban hammer


the fuckin m3 is worse than sawed off, @DiegoCro99


Point blank Sawn off is worse