Valentine's event 2020

Welcome to the first annual Harry’sMod Valentines event! To celebrate the loneliness that most of us feel, we’ve added pretty flowers for a few weeks. These will take the same format as the Christmas presents (one random item). Get collecting!

TTT_Hogwarts - Fairly decent Gmod remake of Hogwarts. Big.
TTT_poolparty - like waterworld just less laggy. And German
TTT_MCmedieval - it’s medieval!

We have removed the Christmas-themed maps and reverted to the standard versions of those that were replaced.

Harry’s mad scientist bit

Valentines gifts have started spawning around the map! Pick them up to find rare items inside!

who the fuck gives a gun for valentines day

VIP+ is a thing. Check out Taunts are finally out with VIP+! for all the information you need to get your Taunts!

There’s a sale on everything right now, go pick up some scrap and VIP if you haven’t already, and for a limited time you’ll be able to purchase 6 months of VIP+ for only £17.99!


Event Spawns

I’ve spent some time trying to tidy these up + making ones for new maps. PM me on here with screenshots if you are still finding them in unreachable places- it’s not perfect lmfao. These work on new maps too so yay!

Weapon skins

A little while ago, Charging Badger was declared the winner of Skin Contest, Round 2! - well done to him. AJ got a special mention for his efforts too. These have been added to the game - if any are missing please hit me up.

Hats/Masks update

Hats are now fixed! Turns out it was an old verson of PAC3 on the server causing the issues. We will be doing another hat/mask making event soon, so stay tuned for this!

New Unusual effects

We have added 12 new unusual effects, you should see these from now on when unboxing hats/masks. I won’t reveal what they are though because some of you will bump the price up like shit. They are a mix of Unsuals/Rare Unusuals.

Charity Bundle #2

After the success of the last Charity exotic bundle, we are busy preparing the second round of this. The 2nd bundle will follow the same process as the first (for those who don’t know, click here: Get 3 cool exotics and give money to charity!). We are finishing off some work on the guns and finalizing the charity choices, stay tuned for an announcement about this soon.

Harry is a Twat


CM update

Yes, we are cunts. @RhysRaptor I don’t know what you want to say here.

Raptor: Hello I am ill. Emoji contest winners will hopefully be announced by the end of the weekend. We understand your issues with maps not having thumbnails and the other issues with them, but we cannot do things with the maps without having to get Harry involved. We are hoping to be able to find a way around this.

Raptor out. Dies

Other shit

Discord issues mean that the ‘Verified’ role is currently not working - this is not a Hmod problem but we are working on a way around it.

Sarcastic comments welcome.




wen minrcraf srver/?


Mcmedieval :eyes:


ask insert


I am terrible

no further questions


thnks bro i love Harry’s mo…d


the flowers now look like a PC because fuck you



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Inspiring first post

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