Valentines Event 2023

Hey everyone,

Welcome to the 4th annual Valentines event! Once again, our servers have collectable items around the maps for your hoarding/unboxing pleasures. But we’re changing the game up a little this year. Instead of a small event patch with maybe a goofy gun or something we’re actually making 3 very large updates to the server as a whole.


Modded has for lack of a better term, been discontinued. In it’s place we decided to take a more obvious, and direct approach for alternative play. Modded is now Genesis 2: Minecraft Boogaloo.

  • Minecraft still uses the Genesis Inventory

  • Minecraft Maps Only

  • No more silly add-ons, just Genesis in it’s purest form

We heard your complaints, and suggestions and decided to open this up as not only a way to help alleviate lag, but also give more people the opportunity to play without being stuck in a full server. There’s no catch! Enjoy!


We know about the lag, and by golly is it being tackled. A very very very large lag patch is being worked on to help cut the lag back, fix some UI complaints, and make navigating the inventory significantly easier. We’re very excited with the progress that’s been made and can’t wait to unveil this once it’s finished.

As a final note, some of you have noticed Main has been switched to Legacy, but don’t worry! We have very exciting plans which will be revealed soon!

We hope you’re as excited about the changes as we are, we’ve been putting a LOT of time into this and cant wait to let you guys run wild, and probably find a way to break it anyways!
As always, comments/insults welcome down below.




Bring back main


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make main realive

main …


I like having Minecraft back, good change!

It’s about damn time about the lag issue. But hey maybe it will make me want to come back more often. I’ve missed the servers but the lag made it unplayable even on my new pc.

Great work on this fellas.


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