Value of two 'unboosted unusuals'

hi im someone who just got back into this server after 2 years and since alot has changed it seems that theres been tweaks to unusuals and now they have stat boosters.

So since I have two unusuals without any of these stat boosters I asked ManeGunner6 and he told me that they were very rare and worth a lot that he couldn’t give me a number.

The two unusuals are: Gman balloon: green black hole
and Battle Buddy:Sulphorous

Yup that are the two only on the server i think xd
I dunno about the price ask Harry or other staff
Also arent you iSucks friend from PayDay? :thinking:

iSucks? i don’t know anybody called iSucks and I haven’t played payday on pc so i don’t think so.

Ah k

honestly just start a bidding war for it and see how much people give you

where would i start a bidding war

I’d buy unstatted, I know a few who would possibly be interested, what hat and effect are they?

the hat and unusual effect are at the bottom of my post.

iSuck’s friend is DarkMichael, but I think his steam name is Darkray without the numbers.


Whatever offer you get I’ll beat it.

give me that 7 mil for a single loot box

Cant you literially make scrap?

Yes, but he doesn’t. Your point?

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Hey guess what?

You’ve just earned a special prize, a forum ban!

Enjoy this free week of no forums!! X


id say at least 30k+ each on them they’re rare but not mega collected there isnt a huge market but you’d be lucky to get about 40 on them ones

so how much are you willing to pay for them then?

Ree sorry, raptor told me how often people ask that and it was just a question, not an insinuation

I thing that if they are two of the three in the server, they should be worth way more but I dunno how much

There’s way more than 3 on the server yknow right