Vamp Deagle Health Bug


Bug description: Vampiric deagle reduces my health even when I hit someone. Tested on Ground Zero (who i also purchased it from)
Steps to reproduce: I can show you if you need I’m always on.
Screenshots (If applicable):


Its supposed to do that lol. It just gives you 20 health back if you hit (unless you’re on full health and then it bugs harry pls fix)


It doesn’t work with health boost hats/masks - it’ll only bring you back to a max of 100

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I currently use a health boost hat that puts me on 119 yet when i shoot Ground Zero i get put on 99 and lower…and lower the more i shoot him (and hit)

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Hmmm, that’s interesting. Works fine for me (I’ve tested extensively after the last issue with it). Paging @meharryp


What he means is that when he shoots someone (namely me) when on 100 HP, it gives him the extra health up to the cap of 100 and THEN takes off the 20 HP for the damage, meaning that every time your on full HP and fire, you lose HP with no way to make it back, even when you score hits since it will always take off 20 HP AFTER the 40 HP from the hit is added


This is correct-however you would’nt beable to do the -20 first as if you hit someone on 20hp or less you would die no matter what


That’s due to the cap for the Vampiric Deagle’s health regain being 100, and health boost hats existing. I would like to see it changed but eh.



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Well it does heal you, but the problem is if your on 80 health it dosen’t change your health to 100.

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