We need to do better! (Bully post)

Yesterday i experienced something really sad. Multiple players were bullying another player because of some kind of conflict. This kept happening throughout an hour. The other players kept false KOSing the this player, even when the round had startet. The other players were also verbually abusive. It only stopped when the affected player left.
If only i could say that this was the only time i’ve experienced this. I actually see it regularly, with some recurring bullies.

I do not hope that anyone thinks this is acceptable behaviour.

I get that there’s a difference between bullying and messing around, but this was not the last.

So everyone, please do better. Bullying is very destructive for the victim and can cause long lasting damage.
Let’s not make this great server so toxic that the average joe can’t disagree with anyone without being bullied into leaving.


any time this happens, dm an ‘on-call admin’ in our discord to join. If none are available, please try to get proof for us and we can ban offenders.


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