Weapon changes 18/02/18

  • All weapons
    – All weapons now have damage drop-off relative to their class and power. Shotguns shouldn’t be able to 1-hit from massive distances any more, and overall time to kill should be increased. Every weapon is affected by this except the rifle and Deagle. Range penalty is relative to your distance from the player or object you are shooting. For example, if you’re 600 units away from a player and using an M3, your damage to that player will be reduced by around 30%. If you’re 1200 units away, it will be reduced by around 80%. After a certain point the damage reduction caps off.

  • HUGE
    – Now does 12 damage per hit
    – Increased accuracy
    – Decreased recoil
    – Reduced clip size to 70
    – Ammo regenerates at the rate of 10 bullets per second after 1 second of not shooting

  • Assault rifles
    – Damage reduced by up to 25% at long range for all assault rifles

  • SMGs
    – Damage reduced by up to 40% at long range for all SMGs

  • Pistols
    – Pistol and P228 damaged reduced by up to 35% at long range
    – Glock and Dual Berettas damage reduced by up to 40% at long range

  • Shotguns
    – M3 damage reduced by up to 79% at medium/long range
    – Sawed off damage reduced by up to 80% at medium/long range
    – Shotgun damage reduced by up to 75% at medium/long range

I’m still working on tweaking these values, let me know if you guys find the nerfs too harsh, or not harsh enough.


Finally <3


especially because i hate shotguns and smgs


the huge is fucking awesome holy shit


is it? i think having better accuracy and double the damage would still not be enough for this piece of crap




YES! :,D now i can get mauled!


appropriately named huge


Wtf dude. You ruined my op mp5. :c


Wait i actually need to use skill to win now? What is this


Good changes all around


Yea but the huge.


KKANDJANkNkkkkkkkkkkkkhhhh you made me fucking choke on my food


do you have a legendary mp5 tho