Weapon Tuning


To try and close the gap between certain weapons, basically every weapon has had tweaks. There’s too many to go into detail here but you can check out the new damage of all the weapons below.

In addition to this damage to limbs has been increased:

  • Arm damage is reduced by 30% instead of 45%
  • Leg damage is reduced by 40% instead of 45%


Thanos Would be Proud


It would be nice if we could see amount of base pellets in shotguns since it can be affected with bonus stats as well. :brazil:


Your Blind Lmao. Its displayed on the right

But for your sake.
M3 super is 12
Shotgun is 8
Sawn-Off is 14


Thx daddy me dumdum


buff the egg gun


buff my aim


Its cool you show us the new stats… but where are rhe old stats for comparison?


perfectly balanced as all things should be


…no bad