What’s going on bros?

Hello all, has there been much going on recently on the server? I’ve been way too busy with uni and other life stuff atm but is it worth making a random appearance if I get a chance?

There’s pumpkins. That’s about it.

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Lol I probably have one hidden in my inventory from last year still :joy:

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It’s different now, it doesn’t appear in your inventory it just chooses between trick or treat.


Treats are 250 - 350 scrap
Tricks are an array of generally negative effects
(excluding cripple) which is essentially god mode if your a t
or makes a t HAVE to buy a poltergeist as a specified fuck you.

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Most guaranteed way to kill a cripple is c4 when they are stuck because secondhand wheelchairs let people get out and run away from poltergeist


C4’s dont work against crips.

This mightve been before they were changed but I’ve seen it work
+Tripmines work I did that today

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you did that on ME

edit: ah shit i didnt reply properly

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Yeah I know trip mines work but c4 dont. Or at least they didn’t.

I have the ability to but i don’t see many people doing so.
If you decide to let me know and i’ll join to help fill.
Keep in mind however 12:00 ish is when i tend to do college work, so i won’t always be available.

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