When are memes allowed?


I’m quite confused as a recently got my second temp. ban from the forums, and I guess it’s because of my dank memes. Am I allowed to post them on shitpost central or are memes now banned in the EU uuh I mean forums?


I don’t think you understand, memes are fine and there even have been special posts and topics for them only, you got banned for posting things unrelated to the topics at hand as well as being largely infuriating with your comments and memes, and like everything you’ve done till now, you once again joke around when it’s a serious matter. There’s a place for being serious and for joking around, as well as combining them, but you need to do them correctly.


here, I’ll even show you how it is NOT supposed to be done:

this post was made because foxy wanted to say her goodbyes, a normal person would say goodbye/good luck/ etc.

you decided to be funny, which to some people is annoying because it is not funny. Me personally I ignore it cause I don’t find any reason to do that, if you look in the post further you can see more posts which are just there to take space without any real intention behind it as far as I can see, one post was even flagged because of the lack of relation to the topic at hand.

can you see what I’m saying?


ok ok I understand no unrelated comments

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