Why Foster is The Best


Foster is better than @meharryp because he rdmes me for no reason. and he fixes stream trains and shit, harry sucks becuae he wont add gold legendary weps to the srver and foster is just better than him, harry suck harry is poo ur gay lol 1v1 me fgt


Did I mention that foster is the best#


i agree with everything said :+1:


I’m so glad that a specific category was made for shitposting.


It should be called fosters mod


i agree with that to :grinning:




Can i follow this picture as a religion?


How about we reuse the garbage that is the minecraft server and make it @WFoster 's admin abuse server. That would be pretty fun :wink:


I’d be down for that.


hes shit and shit and not best this is bull he is shite and dont listend to him he is a freak show of feet
thats why his name is footer the assmin and he will never be a footer the super assmin
hes to shitty to be that and i demand a refund of my time explaining to you how shit he is
like and also what is this amoon memememememem that he posted that i cant see totally


don’t forget a filthy weeb


Now now now what have I done to you :grin:


you uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you edited my postes,you slayed me and you just did alot so just nine


Yeah man epic smiley face

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A year old. Honestly. Stop it.