WorldEnder karmaban appeal


Heya. Fairly invested in the server ATM and got karmabanned for a series of justified killings (e.g. T-baiting in overtime, not IDing bodies etc.) in combination with an accident I made where I thought I was the only player left and killed a couple of innos before I got to the T. Not been banned before so not sure how to go about getting back on.


Assuming Minecraft server since it’s the one with people, there’s an issue where getting unbanned from karma ban won’t help since karma is still low, and a map change is needed. MC has uh…issues with consistent map changes. AFAIK an actual staff member can fix it but dunno if any are on, helpers aren’t able to change karma.

Thankfully an hour isn’t long. Take a break, have a Kit-Kat, relax a bit, I dunno.


Yeah the only reason I posted was because I waited my hour and then was kicked again after one round. Thanks for the info.