You can predict who is Traitor

Bug description:
I was killed by Morningstar before the round started. When I opened !report and switched to the tab “Logs before your death”, I could see that I was killed by Morningstar and he was Traitor. In the round Morningstar was actually Traitor.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Traitor kills you before the round starts
  2. You open the !report menu and switch to “Logs before your death”
  3. You see who killed you and which role they had

Screenshots (If applicable):
No Screenshot, but happend on 05/17/2020 arround 7.10 PM

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Well first of all, roles are not predetermined. As soon as the round starts, people get their roles. And second, when doing the !report, it shows the latest person that killed you. afaik it could show the guy who killed you several rounds ago as long as you havent been killed by anyone else afterwards (correct me if I’m wrong staff)

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if you were a traitor last round your role will still be a traitor when preparing starts, when the round actually starts is when roles are assigned


Okay, then that was just a coincidence. Thank you guys!

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