A question


hmm wonder why they would do that


I do wonder too, but you seem like you might know the answer?


@meharryp can you close this topic please
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Well I still haven’t found my answer, so it would be pointless to close this thread as I have not found my answer and might make the mistake again.


A huge part of these situations is context. If one of the people is known to be RDMing a lot, then obviously them being innocent isn’t a surprise. You don’t kill the survivor for it.

The thing I want to address mainly is this:

I didn’t shoot any of them until iSuck has IDed the body

I had a huge paragraph on T behaviour with IDing bodies but then realized how dumb that was to explain because I HOPE you have a general idea of it. Instead I will focus on your action there: you killed them after IDing the body. So…you let iSuck ID the body and didn’t give them a chance to BEGIN to try to explain? I don’t get it. You opened fire not knowing the context of the fight and without giving iSucks a chance to try to explain. There’s a difference between someone trying to kill malevolently and someone trying to fight back against an attacker, and you can usually tell by the fact that the person being attacked will talk on mic/use quickchat to call the attacker out.

But okay maybe iSucks didn’t do that. iSuck would have taken a moment to type/say a reason for why they killed the person. If they had not given a reason through any form of communication after a period of time then yes, I believe (but will need someone else to confirm) you can call a KOS on the survivor as they have killed an innocent.

You rushed ahead and killed iSuck before any reason could be given. You killed based off of suspicion. THAT is why you are in the wrong. You didn’t apply any logic to the situation and ended up getting someone killed who didn’t need to die.


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Didn’t knew that, sorry.


Well he did say that the innocent guy attacked him first, I gave him enough time, but all Ts say that when they get into a 1vs1 gun fight. So how could I know that the innocent guy was actually rdming and not being killed by a T?

I also haven’t heard anyone say that the guy has been rdming before, otherwise I wouldn’t have killed him.


If they say that then put HIGH SUS on them.


I will say that from now on, thanks.


No just kill them since u have a reason to. There is always a chance you will get a lucky traitor kill.


Fellas, I think we gotta defuse this a little bit, this is over 2 slays, it’s not like anybody was banned, just treat it as a discussion, there’s no need for a war over it :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, this was months ago ffs. kms.


At least you tried! xD


I’m not keen to start this bs again so…