Any suggestions for features/things to add in my map?

So ill describe my map rn, so in this map, your on combine storage which is in sky being held by 3 mini-citadels, so there is one not really big platform in the center, from this platform you can walk into any of the 3 mini-citadels, one has a sniper spot, one has supplies, and another one has has supplies, t-room and a secret?(idk this is not rlly a secret but anyways) all 3 citadels have a ladder below them that leads to storage room which has a tester and a bunch of corridors, now i dont know what to make those corridors lead to so leave suggestion, for rooms, Traitor things e.t.c., (u will get credited in the room you suggested or in credits room for spectators)

ducks everywhere

mighty aighty

rubber ducks or just cool ducks?

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