Ban Appeal- Moonman Permaban

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been kind of retarded. Ages ago I literally asked 3000 to perma-ban me not realising what I had was a great server to play. I was definitely a bit of a knob before but I’d love to play the server once more. I fully admit that asking staff to ban me was a stupid move. edit-screenshot added

um, what
@3000 help?

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Long story, happened ages ago.

post your steamID and I’ll unban you

Oh I remember this.

Lol. Welcome back.

My steam id should still be Moonman

no the steam ID - example STEAM_0:1:118096074

You can go to https://steamid.io/lookup and paste your steam profile into it if you don’t know your steam ID

STEAM_0:1:63690474 Sorry for late response. This should be it, thanks.

should be unbanned now.

Can you give me a hug when comit join after unban?

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