Barotrauma, the game

Has anyone in here tried it?
I’ve been playing this religiously for the past week.
I like submarines, and I like sci-fi. What’s not to love?
You get a selection of subs that you can use.

You’re on Jupiter’s moon, Europa.
A vast ocean covered by a thick layer of ice.
You’re in a submarine, performing tasks for station administrators.
Your tasks are varied. Haul some cargo from one place to the next, kill a particularly bothersome alien seamonster, kill a swarm of seamonster, retrieve alien artifacts etc.

It’s still in early access, but it has quite a lot of potential, and it’s on sale atm.
Did I mention it has multiplayer?
It can be a chaotic mess.
You will try to fulfill your tasks as an engineer, mechanic etc, but there might be a traitor in your midst that has received his traitorous objective.
Choose security to deal with him, or become a medic and give people psychosis so they start seeing fires and monsters everywhere.

Certainly worth a look.

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Never played it but watched a few videos on it and it looks very fun

Currently trying to make my own sub. The wiring and logic gates does my head in

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I thought submarines were cool. Until I went into one.

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