Birthday event, Pt.2

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the hotly-anticipated second part of the HarrysMod birthday event. We’re super happy to add additional content/fixes as below:

New Exotics


  • LMG exotic allowing you to hover and break your fall, or take the risk and launch yourself towards your target
  • I decided I no longer care about normal gameplay and am embracing the chaos -Quacksey

M3 Garand

  • This is cursed and we told Rhys not to bring it back but here we are
  • Burst fire conversion kit
  • I have faith this community will find a way to make it 1 shot

Pull 90

  • This experimental SMG doesn’t exactly understand how gravity works
  • When firing, this gun will pull you through the air towards your target
  • Your fall damage remains the same
  • Small changes to firerate and damage

‘Casey’s Grace’

  • An exotic hat, created in memory of a beloved player
  • When you go below 50% health you gain a steady damage increase
  • By 1 health you will have a full 30% damage boost
  • 50% Reduced fall damage

Please note this will be vaulted (i.e. no longer droppable) after the birthday event, and will remain that way for the remainder of Hmod’s existence in tribute.

Other new items

  • Several new weapon skins are now dropping in crates, big thanks to those who’ve contributed some excellent designs (especially @ya_boi_pasta)
  • Minecraft Snowden, Whitehouse, Roy the Ship, Tropical Waterworld, and Minecraft Haven Maps added to Genesis!

Bug fixes and additional changes

  • Fixed retex issues, allowing UMP and TMP skins to work now
  • Mass scrapping updated to include nametags, skins and non-unusual hats
  • Main and MC will shortly be back online - thanks for your patience
  • Fixed cakes not spawning in August
  • Made changes to assist with the AWP and Welrod not 1-shotting
  • Over 15 new legendary names now dropping
  • Repromoted our favourite yo-yo
  • Additional changes to hats - fix weird issue with loadout disappearing (thanks to those who reported this to us)
  • Unbanned staff member 16. They know what they did.
  • Increased anger level of Paddy by 35%
  • Corrected skin positioning on some guns

Comments/insults welcomed below as always.


(Quacksey is tired after 2 months of chaos, please ping Blu with all complaints)

CCX Edit: Main is now back online


Fucking cancel all of this right now my anger is immeasurable.


beautiful !!!

As a note, the M3 Garand exotic is currently quite shit. This is intentional because I am working on a new mechanic for how it works with the different weapons, and it will be balanced properly once that is sorted. If lua will bother to work properly, at least.

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Many thanks, i also hope to see the skin system overhaul to make my creations more valuable and profitable to players


impressive, very nice

Let’s see the chaos then

the hmod server room reeks of sulfur and rotten eggs


no garand sounds :cry:

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Cakes are amainsinggggggg

LESSSS GOOOOO more stuff i want