Bonsai Ban Appeal

  1. who banned me : console
  2. the reason I were banned : Low Karma
  3. the time I were banned (date/time) if known 02/06/2022 22:23
  4. A screenshot of the ban message - Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  5. Why I should be unbanned, and any further information : I got too into to much fun and started fighting everyone with barrels as a joke as a portion of the server was too and I didn’t know this would impact my karma as I didn’t know it’ll lead to banning me too, so I further apologise for my actions as I’ll be more careful in future STEAM_0:0:110013341

Congratulations you’ve served your entire 1 hour ban before an admin saw your appeal.

Don’t RDM next time.

And make sure to PM the staff team for any future appeals. They should not be public.