So i havent been on HarrysMod server long, but have been getting to know a lot long term players and new players, nd to know majority of the community are missing them dealishes cakes and i highly suggest it be a normal thing to find cakes around and not limited time, might be chatting out my arse but worth a shot.


Well cakes/presents/pumpkins/eggs are event things. It would be cool to have that but then whats the point of the events?


yea i understand you, just have a sorta nautural spawned pick upable crates, like cakes and the others, just allowing a another cool feature to always be consistantly active

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I do agree but it needs to be something other than a thingy that is just like event thingy. On the other hand we have quests (but they are boring, slow and not worth it imo). Id like to see Rhys’s quest thing, cuz that was super fun.

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pumpkins are soon and they’re the best so don’t worry


1st October will bring back Pumpkins which are far far better than wanky ass cakes


There are loads of ways to get lootboxes.

  • Everytime you level up

  • Everytime you complete a quest

  • Everytime you get MVP

  • Everyday you log in (if you have VIP)

  • Buying them from the store

  • Trading them

  • Picking them up during one of the events (Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, & Easter)

  • Sometimes as prizes from various events run by Staff members (e.g. Destiny 2 Tournament, Fanfic Competition, Competitive TTT, Skin Designing Competitions, and many more)

Anything more would just be overkill at this point.

Having pickupable boxes outside of the event periods defeats the object of having them for the events. Having them constantly wouldn’t make the event ones special, which they should be.

There are plenty of options to get lootboxes though. :slightly_smiling_face:


Halloween isnt far now. They’ll come back. (with some extra cool shit on the side)

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Actually, only the first time you get MVP per day.

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I could’ve sworn I’d had more than 1 mvp box in a day… :thinking:

But it’s still a way to get boxes anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

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Only true MVPs get more than one a day. You are the chosen one.


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