Charity exotic suggestion

Putting this here as things tend to stay on the forums before being overwhelmed longer than on discord.
next charity exotics, the D20, D12 and D6
D6, the crowbar has 6 random effects that each have a 1 in 6 chance to occur when fired, two or more effects cannot trigger at once
D12, the secondary has 12 random effects that each have a 1 in 12 chance to occur when fired, two or more effects cannot trigger at once
D20, the primary and you get the point

effects could include, healing you, healing whoever you just shot, launching the shot person into the air, shooting a prop, firing a smoke grenade that goes off on impact, firind a discombob that goes off on impact, reverses the shot persons controls for 5 seconds, blinds the shot person for 1 second, makes the shot person drop their gun, gives you damage reduction (like warlord) for 2 seconds, shoots two bullets instead of one, make you and your opponent switch places, makes a duck sound, slows the other person, slows you, increases your opponents player model size by .1, changes the shot players playmodel colour to green.
Suggestions for effects are welcome


Where you shoot and you get inverted controls for a few minutes. But the chance would be small. If a T and you shoot someone, you catch fire, but for only half the fire damage.

Nice idea, but might be worth limiting it only to only one slot (reccomend secondary)

Also obviously they’re only examples but some like the ‘shoot a prop’ would just add to the amount of prop kill and will almost certainly be misused

Overall sounds fun though

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A gun named stevie wonders and everytime you shoot you get blinded like the !blind command

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You shoot and your clip empties, your opponent’s clip empties, you get nausea for 5 seconds, he get nausea for 3 seconds. You get wheelchair’ed for 3 seconds, he get for 3. You and your opponent start to spin and spin for 20 seconds, self injuring shot, you get illuminated for 10 seconds, he does for 5 ( make it harder for a T using the gun if he gets illuminated shooting). That’s it for now.