Cherino Unban Appeal & Staff Report 2.0


So we’re lying now then?
There’s lack of proof of the KOS and no damage logs of me even firing in janices direction


That is what im saying though, how did you know I was a T?

I’ve not mentioned anything at all about you shooting me or at me.

You said “We know its Janice can we just kill him”

That’s a KOS in my books, don’t be so pedantic.


If you had been listening I was talking about the detective saying ‘Janice, can you kill the detective thanks’

I sent my Evidence regarding the situation, It is substantial and is a bit more reliable as it’s on MY CLIENT rather than what you saw.
No proof of anything said ingame, and I think that’s all I have to say.


There is also the proof of two admins witnessing it and another player who can vouch.

Cherino, anything else you want to say before we close this?
As of right now, you’re not getting unbanned. Maybe take a look back at how you act on the server and towards other people as well.


Who’s this other player?
I’m being banned for no wrongdoing at all, the evidence is right infront of you but you decide to ignore it.


You are choosing to ignore my evidence as “Death scenes are not reliable”

It works both ways, If my proof isnt good enough, why is yours?


The images from MY end of the Client show I can see him, Based on HAT, I Identified Him, Didn’t KOS him, and then ontop of that.
Why would I let myself get banned when staff are in my discord, I’m one of the oldest players here and really? Ghosting is the way I’d go out? I dont think most would believe that considering I complain about tryhards. I just want to play the game and have fun with friends.

Death Scenes are Client Side, You will see how your client had the death scene as does mine. @meharryp
Pls confirm that Death Scenes are ClientSide thanks AND the Death scene shows it from your point of view. OF WHICH I COULD SEE YOU.



For the record: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/483365684840235015/533001795178463264/unknown.png