Christmas 2021 Arrives!

Hi All,

Welcome to the annual HarrysMod Christmas event! We’ve gone a bit more insane compared to last year. You’ll be pleased to hear that the Christmas presents are once again spawning on both servers (and all maps) - hit me up if you see out-of-bounds spawns (I don’t care about prison or skyscraper). Santa will make an appearance later down the line…

This year, we’ve got the following for you:

Seasonal Maps

7 new maps added to both servers, some of which are Christmas-themed. These were suggested by the community, so don’t shout at me if they are shit (and yes, they have present/Santa spawns too). I’ve taken the chance to bring back some old favourites, whilst also removing some lesser played (and broken) maps. These removals are not necessarily permanent, so don’t panic!

New Exotics/attachments


It’s a secret, but there are 2 new exotics dropping. All others continue to drop as normal.


  • Duck Gun - does what it says on the tin (only applies to HUGE)

Also unboxable this event:

Tranquilizer Bullets, Super Bullets, Another Crowbar

There may be more added over the event, keep opening dem boxes yo (and maybe a secret one already exists, who knows)

Admin Command

Some of you may have seen the new admin command ‘!dumbass’ - this spawns an early version of our friend Santa. Protect him from the horrible traitors who are determined to steal his package. Staff have the ability to spawn him at random, so keep an eye out. Remember, Santa isn’t always a mass-murdering psycho…


The servers are doing quite well leading into Christmas - the staff and I would like to thank everyone for their continued support with both store and playing. For the first time in months, the server is self-sufficient again which guarantees it’s future.

Anyway, comments/insults welcomed below as always…

EDIT: Yes I know glacier has no textures, I will remove it when time allows


Anyway, comments/insults welcomed below as always…

Remember kids, make sure the white powder is actually snow

santa is always a mass-murdering psycho.

No tranq gun buff : (

Ofc the map i suggested doesn’t work lmao

What if we add like a new staff member called like Daniel that would be funny christmas xmas thign right? Haha jkjk but what if…? Super cool doe

there’s going to be a mid-event patch which will cover this and a few other things, stay tuned

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Your just main level 10 and have never played a HMod christmas

Does that include a sandwich launcher

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