Christmas Event 2023

Hello Everyone!

I apologize for being a couple days late as I have been rather busy this week, but welcome to the 2023 Christmas Event! Per usual we have all the holiday goodies floating around the map for your unboxing pleasures, and more added in!

New Exotics

Slug Rounds

  • Slug ammo conversion kit
  • Applies to M3 Super and Sawed off
  • Removes buckshot for a single high powered slug
  • ADS for extra accuracy

BR Conversion Kit

  • Turns your AR into a heavy hitting Battle Rifle
  • Increased damage
  • Converts to semi-auto with reduced firerate
  • Accuracy and Range buff
  • Applies on all AR’s besides AUG

SMG Conversion Kit

  • Turns your AR into a low cal SMG
  • decreased damage
  • increased firerate
  • Applies on all AR’s besides AUG

Saint Nick’s Crown

  • Exotic Hat
  • you turn into Santa.

Christmas Maps

  • Added in a slew of Christmas maps and removed their regular counter parts for the event


  • Don’t forget, Santa has a chance of spawning every round and you never know if he’s naughty or nice!

New Weapon Skins

  • I will be adding these over the next couple days as i fix a couple things. Check back for updates with a list of each skin and weapon they go on!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy it as you see fit and like to do. As time goes on this month you may notice some CM’s be more distant due to Holiday nonsense but always feel free to reach out if you need us or the staff, we’re here to help. I’ll catch you all in the Valentines event!

Comments/insults welcomed below as always.

-Happy Holidays from the CM’s and the rest of the HMOD Staff team!

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As always buying all of these exotics🤌 let the holiday season grind start again.

Take this down. x

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