Comexx's introduction

Hello, my name’s comexx. I’m a southeastern european who’s 14 years old (I go through puberty and turn 21 when my brother goes onto the account to play TTT here.)

I’m usually pretty active in the server, and someone here might even recognize my name. I’m quite, well… loud, and I like expressing how I feel with true honesty, no sugarcoating and no bullshit (usually, that is).

I’ve been playing GMod for… 4 years at this point, just last year I tried TTT and turns out it’s more fun that playing on sandbox. I first used to stick with another server, but now Harry’s Mod is my main server cause I get to offend every british person I meet… I mean, the people are very nice and friendly here, I rarely ever meet someone’s who’s actually genuinely toxic. Usually when someone insults someone else, they do it in a joking manner, and don’t actually mean it.

I’ve met some wonderful people, had a lot of laughs, and this community’s actually pretty active. Pretty rare if I do say so myself. That’s all.




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Greetings there

hello comex i am whip and welcome to

Who da fuck is that guy (Irish accent)